Dec 12, 2017

Photos: At night in Plaza, Infanta Quezon

As part of the Holiday Sesean celebration, Municipality of Infanta is dressing up it' "Plaza" here the the photos taken last December 5, 2017

What can you see at the photos:
 - Food Bazaar/Gallery and wears sale in bargain price.
 - Christmas Lights, Christmas trees
 - Large  Tulingan (Grilled for 5 days. Haha - Ano English sa tulingan?)
 - Giant Suman (Sticky Rice Delicacy native to Infanta)
 - Bahay Kubo made up of coconut product, where you can find Belen inside.

May 25, 2015

Bagong Pinipilahang Tinapayan sa Infanta kahit pandesal lang ang tinda: Budong's

May Budong na sa Infanta. Kung dati tumitigil pa kami sa Famy, Laguna habang pauwe galing Lucena City. Ngayon sa Infanta na ang diretso. People in Infanta, knew that some bakery tried to sell "malunggay bread" and some were really hit it but in unknown reason, they stopped.

It is located at Poblacion 39, Along General Luna Street.

This is not an advertisement and I am, in anyway, connected to the business. I believe that "good food" must be known to all.

May 14, 2015

Photos From the Last Tulingan Festival

I just want to share the photos I took last Tulingan Festival. I am kinda busy as a Public school Teacher to right a rightful blog article. Sorry for that. Though you can read some relevant web content in a newly built site that is, I believed,  purposed to be the a news portal about Metro Reina (Real, Infanta and Gen. Nakar Quezon). It is good that some people rise up to promote our home town. Moreover you can log on on the Infanta Quezon Facebook book pages at and Recently launch another website for Teachers. Though it is in a beta stage you can visit at